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Italy: Attack on the city

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If it has not been understood that a 'national' town planning law (as in Germany) is a fine work of osmosis between the 'jurist' (never the 'lawyer' à la Falcone or à la Cordaro), the sociologist and the urban planner (the Italian ones are simply 'bakers' . . . urban planners, Mr Trombino and Mr Carta included), which allows the urban planner to draw up a serious urban project with the value of 'urban planning, well . In my weak opinion, there is only one way to overcome the impasse: for the students to take the city's destiny into their own hands, whistling and snubbing them when they enter university lecture halls to spew out only ignorance and banality. What Mr Trombino thinks of the new regional town planning law unleashed by the sick mind of his colleague Mr Carta is rubbish that interests the two compatriots, as well as having to interest the criminal judiciary and the European courts, given the latitude of the Italian ones. I ask myself, and I ask them, what sense does it make to talk about urban regeneration in PNRR, if we are not able to combine the concept of "building subdivision" with the basic types of building in the Italian fabric: the "townhouse" in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Germany, the "tower" house, latu sensu, and latent or impending seismic risk that should, in itself, impose recourse to building subdivisions, already wisely provided for by the L. U. 1150/'42, in the introductory and revolutionary context, for that season, of the Detailed Plan, regularly disregarded by the dishonesty of malapolitics and by the asinine nature diluted in the Italian Schools of Architecture and Engineering. An imposition that should allow for sensible interventions of re-stitching and replacement of the existing dense urban fabric, proposing highly topical themes - such as the reduction of soil consumption, regeneration of the existing fabric oriented towards energy saving and building social housing -, not separated from the categorical imperative to design and (re)build 'terraced' urban houses that exclude contiguous shared walls. To be exacting, the discourse on urban planning should be extended to the sphere of urban reconstruction and the shame of the vomit in the name of 'single building regulation', while the initiative to propose a national model-building regulation scheme is being taken by the babbling misgovernment and the unabulous legislator (in Germany, the serious and orderly building regulations, in the role of economic driving force, are all on a regional scale! What should the self-styled single building regulation of the all-special-statute region of Sicily call for, if not the kick-ass treatment from the Palazzo dei Normanni to Piazza Politeama of the various Musumè(ci), the Falcone and Cordaro lawyers, the Miceli, Monaco and presidents of the ingg., archh., geomm. and avv. riots? The right to like Germany to their faces,

"v e r g o g n a", nobody can take that away from me. Hence, again: v e r g o g n a!

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